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Social Media


Let’s create a social media strategy that will set the tone and develop a personality to best suit your brand. We can provide on-going platform management and create digital partnerships that will boost social reach and engage your key audience. Click to do this! 

Digital Marketing & PR

Work with us to develop Digital Marketing and PR campaigns that are engaging, effective and stand out from the crowd. Boost your brand to the next level using a combination of communication methods to reach targeted audiences. Click to do this!

Project Development

Let’s develop a roadmap to outline priority projects that will meet the core objectives of your organisation. Tourism Direction can assist with project planning, developing project partnerships and creating professional proposals to get your project off the ground. Click to do this!

Grant Funding Applications

Let’s get your projects financial strategy sorted. Tourism Direction work with you to seek funding opportunities, and develop professional tender submissions, government funding applications and corporate sponsorship proposals. Click to do this!

Destination Planning 

A coordinated approach to destination planning and management is a key pillar in maximising a destinations tourism potential in a competitive environment. Tourism Direction act as an independent consultant working with local government, tourism stakeholders and community to bring together key industry partners and foster strong working relationships.


In consultation with tourism stakeholders, Tourism Direction provide a destination management plan that incorporates industry development; visitor infrastructure; communications; marketing and key branding messages, and continue to work in partnership to implement recommended actions.


Through targeted industry development and a coordinated approach to destination management, Tourism Direction work towards strengthening industry, building visitation and increasing visitor expenditure within regional tourism destinations. Click to do this!

Contact Tourism Direction

Ph: 0407 436 965 


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